And starring as Calamity Jane…

If, Ewe, insists, Sista, but this is no time for SIESTA.


 youse going to have to listen to The Thundercats in reel time to make sense of this leaked DRAFT:

https: //www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /la-galaxie-jazz-de-thundercat -7463279


La hija de Antonio Badu


Django with Alice in Chains…
mariposas amarillas…

Denis Soula can lick my balls… Two Outs, El Ey is at the plate, PANTHRO is at the mound.

Manuel Valls cameos as Garth Brooks in low Places.

¡Ahora, sí!
THEE Camp Town Ladies sing this song, duh-Da’ Dutihil… after the break, Open Jazz plays “The French Mistake”.

And, no! Ms. Judd, you cannot sleep at the Moulin Rouge, it’s booked by the local DAME, however, The Crazy Horse is a mighty fine place to chill… it’s authentic enough to have THEE American Cathedral a un Boccador from THEE real George V Four Seasons.

Over at the happiest whorehouse in Paris, Texas, rue de Saint-Germain des Prés, La MAL is hosting an exposition by New Mexico’s own Filipino “Diamond”, the one-and-only, Chávez y Chávez.

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