And, Reverend Al… You doin’ anything today?

Over at the Prince-es Park:

https ://www .vice .com /fr /article /wxd9e9 /de-vastes-territoires-tombent-sous-lemprise-de-violents-rebelles-en-rdc

And, Elise Jordan, are you auditioning for The David French Saloon? Nice Sh’oit you got there, needs a cowboy hat… and Donnie Dutsch, did you lose them cuffs or is that habit³ getting expensive?

³.~ Donnie’s habit is code for “it fits on Johnny Depp’s cocaine box”.

Sponsored by Masterpiece Cakes in collaboration with Layers Cake. Courtesy of The Guardian (U.K.).

https ://www .france24 .com /en /africa /20220422- france-says-mercenaries-from-russia-s-wagner-group-staged-french-atrocity-in-mali

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