Up next, ef ewe and your beef jerky Donnie Deutsch,

Can’t stage this enough… Reverend Al Sharpton {and} as “Thee” honorary Mexican that Öüï [that motherfucker] has made you up to “Bee” on this blog, it falls upon US to inform you of the following:

But FO’ist!
“What are you doing on Friday, Reverend Al?”

SOF* Magazine crédits the piss-poor tally on COVID restrictions.


It’s like explaining music on Jazz à fip, they try, but—meh 🇮🇱

Over on Deadline, Donnie Deutsch is sending doughnuts to Disneyland and  Barbie dolls to the Mexican border.

The first model is called La Hinojona.

But seriously, Reverend Al, whatcha doin’ on Friday?

I ask on account of last Saturday’s segment featuring Mr. Crumb, but Will-get to that in a second, right now America is beginning to make MATH an OUTLAW’s topic, which prompts Mi to review that very true InCline of mister Higelin, issy, as Eye told you, “Outlaw? —Ewe bet”.

The only maths that matter is ELIMINATIONIST maths the way that STALIN and his little Putin spawn intended it to erase every Number that they did not like… Ring-a-Bell? Anyone, “erase every Number”, Anyone? Maddow? Ring-a-Bell? Got talent? Compétences ? Anyone?

… and, GO’ill de Niza, it’s Tuesday morning, the most French of all of the Theys of them Weeks, for the archives, —it used to be Sunday but Knot ever Moore.

SO… this can only mean one thing:

Yo! Rev., please jump to Page Tu.


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