And, Jo Ling Kent, fuck The I.R.S.


Earlier on the Morjo Sho, Mara Gay got ordained and the old president of the Ucraniaville spoke his piece:

And on this Estival Eve..
Öüï welcomes Mrs. Seinfeld to our pre-lay a-güey X-Más shopping spree. Viva The Mighty Hand of The Invisible Dollar.

Mr. Haass, you have to reframe the question… help, US do your Job, Öüï has enough green güevos, what  Öüï needs is a 69′ Fastback… 🐎

Across The Council on Strange Relations, Congressman Scarborough wagered a hand with his CIRCUS-circus chips… DENIED, mister Joe, go back to Nantucket and get my real Cesar Palace chips.

Oh, hey GO’ill de Niza

And, mister Peter… simón, if that in fact is your real name! You probably think you wrote the perfect Pascuas, eh?… but Pierre forgot to tell you about the one About Nothing.

It’s another Festevus Miracle.

{and} GO’ill de Niza, Eye is sure glad that youse spinnin’ to They, today… unlike that Appalachian Queen, Hallie Jackson! Who went hoodie bookie HOokie fo’the week.

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