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Everywhere else… It’$ April 15th, 2022

Agropecuaria Pictures presents:

A Band In Parts and Doc Holliday… Eye is an anti-dentite, and fuck Jēsus Christ.

Last Week To They

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Gerald_Mohr

Hola, Wapa… Today’s episode comes straight out of the Columbarium of Lidingö Cemetery, in Sweden. Gérard Mohr has agreed to play the role of ARMY General Rusell L. Honoré… that motherfucker has plenty of l’Oreal “Match My Skin-tone” fond de teint, to square the Fuck out of A 21… century war.

But seriously, Mika over Fifty… if Elon Musk can buy Tweeter, what would stop him from purchasing FRANCE?

Efemérides… A sinking of Titanic proportions. And in Warsaw, Mika changed that U.S. Aid into a Mexican Pot-Luck on that buffet.

Context: youse gonna have to go to fip . fr and remind france musique, that their little sirens forever purchased the RIGHTS to be trolled in less than 180 ‘established’ characters.

Over in Warsaw, Ambassador Mark Brzezinski has no rhythm, but he sure has the Echos of Beto O’Rourke… at least in the Polska television comparative snapshot of evacuee screengrabs.

Elise’s IKEA Ranch on HoBo TV… Only on streaming.

Efemérides… If it doesn’t burn, it sinks.

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