Dear, Catherine Nicholson at France24 Monkee news farm

Submitted for your disposal:

D_Brand Douche… Kill your Streaming Service.

Donnie Deutsch, seriously, dump Donnie Deutsch, keep the ‘Swi*cher’… them barenakid’ walls are full of possibilities, Donnie’s boardroom table on the other panel reminds Mi of Putin’s bright spotlight on the Russian Federation Embassy in WaWa Land.

See that fire in the sky on the screen snatch below above? I know, I know, it looks like a CADILLAC on its way to an undisclosed target downrange, and your team of monkee news gatherers would be forgiven for thinking that that particular round is in fact, a Cadillac, but it’s not. It’s a Silverado Chevy.

Juanito Bolero reports.

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