The apologist episode — “The only good ‘injun’ is tame”


Eye can see, for Miles and for You Tú.

Continuing with our Royal Straight Flush, this is Season ONE; Episode XXI [Century parallel].

TENJack Queen King Ace… and since this is SIX as opposed to FIVE card stud Eye also has the motherfucking ∴ JOKER

Best synopsis copy/pasta from thee IMdB on The Hollywood Walk of france Musique:

Bret and Bart are Johnny Rebs after the Civil War, and join the Union Army as Indian hunters to avoid going to prison. The brothers arrive in their hometown of Little Bend with big plans. Union soldiers control the town, and the Mavericks go into the saloon.

hilarity ensues when, WAIT for IT!, Wait!


JOE BIDEN’s sister hires the MAVS’ to drive the heard to SANTA FE.

PITCH for Melle.: As An Undocumented Tourist

As An Undocumented Tourist, Eye believes that President (wannabee, pronounced GüaNaBee of Europe) Macron should really consider dropping the role of Prime Minister Neville Chambermaid, before Finland takes over NATO’s Command-and-Control.

A little context: I mean, c’mon MAN!!! The Fins have a motherfucking GO KART TRACK in their underground bunkers below their Metro Tubes. These motherfuckers are the original Bears in the Block, the Whooper Swan in the SONG, and just in case you think that Admiral Stradivarius is done with The Foo Fighters drum beat, the Fins’ national flower is none other than:


https ://www .discogs .com /release /1652263-Queen-Now-Im-Here

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