{and} Avi Velshi… how should Eye put this

Ok, Ken Sala Tzar, don’t you go sinking this deal for them Frogs like Ambassador Goldman did in Australia right before the Ringo took over The Rollings Stones.

Yeah, now that the Hungarian election is in the bag, you should catch the last train to london.

And, Cerf-panthère… I see your “serpiente de tierra”, and I raise your silly hoofs a “El Gato Volador”.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /2322 /reader /reader .html#!preferred /0 /package /2322 /pub /2209 /page /13

And, Avi Velshi, never mind the cat, that fucker has a Euro Nomad Rail Pass, but seriously, get out of Hungary, Tucker Carlson was just named ‘mini-ster of propaganda’, Tucker is going to try to convince the world that you are a ‘fake coco’.

“Saturday morning Car Tunes” via Easy like Sunday Morning.


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