It’s Primetime in Hilo, Hawaii — Men In Black

Mad Season, Episode 94:
Men in Black.

“The avengers episode”

“The avengers episode”, and Will, the Devil called, Mick’s got his hands tied-up with a troubador who mistook Cartagena with Tunisia.

Knot to be outdone by Kanye West at thee MTV Awards, Will Smith swiftly captures the role of what the Twilight werewolf felt when Kanye turned into Agent Jay.

After the break, with Katy Kay…

And the Oscar for « Best César » goes to:

Wind delivers the WaWa in The Zodiaco, ask FLORENCE CASSEZ, she incarnated the role of la ♎, knot-to-be confused with the Greek resistance symbol which off-course, is the motherfuckin’ RESISTANCE ( Ω ), period!


En Solidaridad con Ken Sala Zar y Eugenio Dervez.

What are you, auditioning for the role of The Maid Chamberlain?

And, President Macron… as an undocumented hold-over from a CONFLICT OF INTEREST, Starring Ewer’s Trouly, the 6th Dépôt of la Préfecture de Police at Cité {and} Los Amigos de Eugenio Dervez en Porte des Lilas aún—a un lado del Cirque Electric at the 20éme, I hope you don’t take this the Wrong Way… but as your compatriot and French Wine Strategist, Dominique de Villepin, served it, “you break, IT! You buy, IT! ».

French Election on Santa Monica Boulevard follows, from DOHA, Nuevo Lyon.

According to the PAPERBOYS, track 13, “On The Mountain 4”:


Solo son Molinos,
No te oyen, don Quixote
And don’t you get in the way.

Track ”TEN…ga su nieve de Limón »… I am 32 FlavHors and then SOME…

https: //www .discogs .com /release /7502502-Various-On-The-Mountain-4On-The-Mountain-4

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