Deer, Sonia de Leusse-Le Guillou…tine? — D’a Fak Ewe know about Fake Fiction?

Exhibit para Espontáneos ♠️

Eye see your heart and Raise Ewe, the spade.


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20 mars 2019
Service des Periodiques


Les Jeunes Complotistes {or} How I Learned To Stop Worrying {and} Learned to Love Fake Joe’s.

Pourqoui certains adhèrent-ils de façon si tenace aux théories « complotistes » ?

Page Tú, of the 2019 editon of the The Reader’s Digest Observatory… or, something like that.

For those just joining US in the transmission, please direct your attention to the Round table happening right now in 1938 over your MAGIC TRANSISTOR RADIO (now obsolete) on the dossier of p.17 [Too much Critical Thinking? The Reign of Personal Opinion, as reviewed by Professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude —Junior.]

On the matter of Jazzy Jeff’s former best friend FO’Life, the staff of Los Amigos de Rufus at the Pinault Collection believe that the good thing about alopecia is that you can always scribble your thoughts on the outside, just like the bowels of thee Beaubourg… or wear a stupid cachucha with a Blackbird en la frente… 🥳 🤠!

List of ingredients for this COpy PAsta {or} copa PYSTA if you are in on the JOKE:

Y a-t-il confusion des certains jeunes entre LA réalité et la fiction ? Le rapport des adolescents aux fictions littéraires ou filmiques est-il régi par les mêmes règles que celui à l’information ?

Page Tú, sponsored by:
—THEE_ Ministére de l’Education Nationale et de LA Jeunesse
—THEE_ Ministére de L’Enseignement Supérior, de LA Recherche et de L’Innovation.
— THEE_ Ministére de LA Culture

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