FAT ALBERT and Las Poquianchis celebrate International Ouimin’s They


Mexican President declares WAR on France’s emergency switched téléphone network. From his political platform, which his followers interpret as the first ‘jalada’ of the they, president López Obrador vows to qRaCk, and Eye quotes, “that whip” on the 17.

HEY, hey!… let’s give a round of applause to Them SUPREMES. Dr. Huxtable is back in SYNDICATION…

🎶 And you know EWE Should BEE Glad,

cus’ SHE Loves EWE, and you know D.A.T. can’t be bad, ohhhh!

Power Ball


She loves you—Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And, Alexi McCammond, i see that your graphic artistas are applying H.E.A.T. to them gold bars, otherwise all Gold is immune to magnetism, which is why Gold is so Charismatic.

And in Washington, them Brzezinski’s are hording all of The Pepper and the Sergeant Mayor, —a suffragette no less— is taking everything with a grain of Salt.

Journalism 101 on page Tú.


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