Democracy via Russia, according to The NYT

Dear, John Kirby, SIR:

Send Gas to Macron, i know a Spiritual Leader that knows the Process-es-Ese to dilute Powdered coca into the HUACHICOL. Danke Schoen, Auf Widersehen.

With all due respect, i would like to say fuck you to you, but that won’t help, however, if Kuwait was raising Unleaded Fuel past the $5 mark, Iraq would be fucked right now.

Putin is not going to stop, i now a guy.

Mexican nationals in Paris are pretty, because flys don’t get into their pretty Mexican mouths… Look it up, Loki, en boca cerrada te ves más bonita.

And, in Paris, all that Mexican tourists outside of overrated taco joints can do is, ” Ji-ji—WHO-who-ha–ja »… In Paris, the Mexicans are dependent on the oligarchy of the “ancien” CONaCYT.

And Starring as Professor Joe Butcher, the one and only… Ferris Bueller… Cameron Frye is locked up in a Russian Federation Movie theater.

EINSESTEIN, just puked nopalitos poblanos.


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