¡Arrrrre! – Arrêté is for fags


… It’s a double-header transmission

For the record, this is what a Parisian gag FAG-KNOT-GAG looks like… Ewe, fuckin’ Fag :

Tonight’s Menu, Dixie Fried Potatoes au-Gratin

Now, Évry body knows that Tomatoes come from ROMA, but shit-fuck-me 2-Tiers!!! Eye did Knot Know that Potatoes All–Rotten came from I’d-A-HO… no, Waits!!! Id a HO! CHECK please, ♟️🍸🕰️🕳️

But FO’ist!!!

https ://www .abc .net .au /news /2022-02-26 /frightening-moment-a-missile-hit-a-residential-building-in-kyiv/100864932


This is our SPECIAL Purgatory WATCH,
and fo’D.A.T. we switch, IT!, over to THE SUPREMES
Chapter 67: PURGATORIO

https ://monoaureo .com /2010/09/05 /la-sacra-bandera


Tiffany Cross, if you are listening… must be reproduced in THE KEY of Jazz, but not on Mr. McKraken class. And no SCAT in Mr. Aguirre’s American History as a Second LAnguage semester.

Hear, Mi out Franck… Please relay to Baby Blue (Fe{a}) D A T Eye likes Beer, but prefers many, many Ale… ,♟️🌬️🛩️😘

“Un Sol dado, en cada hijo te dio…

Gonna take an INTERMISSION now to get some funkin’ ales. Garçon! 🍸🧾🪘

check, MATE



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