Tú Two, oh-Too, Ex-Ex- Tu Tú… Is that all D.A.T. Eye is Tú Ewe, Charlotte BigBring¹?

¹.~ PINOCCHIO at Le Pinault Collection ?

If only the Paris Tourism Board had the imagination

Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso… Mika stars as “Little Felina”, daughter of “Big Zbig”, Öüï catch~es up with Sam D. and the horse that he stole from the horse rack outside of Brzezinski’s CANTINA³, in the badlands of New Mexico.

Live from Paris—Texas.

³.~ En la calle Stanton.


And… Putin is in… Öüï repeats, Putin crossed the forest.

… [B]ut seriously, VOLKS, who the fuck puts a TILDE on the letter “ń »… kurwa munch! Munich!!!

https ://www .wordreference .com /esfr /tilde

Sources close to Stańczyk²♦ in Paris—Texas, relay that the Polish court Jester extended an invitation to the Comedian-in-Chief in case los BURLAderos and El CALLEJÓN at of Le Palais Mariinsky gets compromised.

²♦._ Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzeziński… but Évry body at The Sam(e)Donaldson Kiosk at the University of Texas at El Paso,

        • Gnew




U. N. NATIONAL SÉCURITÉ COUNCIL, Plaza de Toros Monumental México

¿Quién, Susan Page, quién? Who’s gonna pick-up their tab, at Le Café Florence… perdón, FLORE, knot “florence”.


“And now… your MOMENT OF ZEN”, with EL PASO, TEXAS favorite Alumni, SAM DONALDSON.

FUCK JON STEWART, he’s a no-Show.


Steven T. Colbert could have been Secretary of State…

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