It’s National get from‌⇔ point to ‌⇔ point They in Paris

‌And, Eye quotes:

These Boots Weren’t Made For Wearin — These Boots Weren’t Made For Wearin’
I don’t know what to do
one of these days I’ll buy myself a more comfortable shoe.

Youse gonna love this, on a Runaway Train, Peter Baker reposts on FOX… on a loop, only on BERNIE TV.

To be or knot to Bean.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /nextfuckinglevel /comments /sv7bjc /this_guy_performs_shakespeares_to_be_or_not_to_be/

Over at THEE, Amsterdam Hilton, Paris is the nigger of The World del mundo de Le Monde.

Track oNe, Disc oNe (1970):

Let Me Swim
Don’t Want You

Track fOur, same disc:

Red Dressed Lady
Bring It On Home
Una Y Otra Vez
Don’t Ask Me
Worried And Lonesome Blues
Down The Road

Track 12, same 33 1/3:

Dejenme Vivir

https ://www .aljazeera .com /amp /news /2022/2/18 /putin-to-oversee-massive-nuclear-drills-amid-ukraine-tensions

Thee “eggman” with breakfast mitt The Bee-Gees, starring Frampton, who off-course, goes bald and joins Thee Avi Velshi cult.

La Saeta meets her period… sponsored by Vania™️

Confucius is Maï little red 🐓

For context the conversation with Martin, which involved the following tropes/elements/characters:

— A priest
— A cop
— Un árbol que da moras (la moral… look it up or wait for Spring teens)

Was abruptly interrupted by the arrival of Onésimo Cepeda Silva, a bullfighter, bull speculator, bull shitter and the first ever bishop of a diocese in Ecatepec de Morelos, Edo. de México.

https ://www .discogs .com /fr /master /866572-Three-Souls-In-My-Mind-En-Vivo-Desde-El-Reclusorio-Oriente … (1978).

On that late January morning, the cop’s identity remained classified. Dr. Wenowdis over at SNL can now relay, following a strong case of the JAGGED little IRONY Pills [en el Centro de Prevención y Readaptación Social (Cefereso) número 1 Altiplano, ubicado en Almoloya de Juárez, Estado de México]  that the cop was a PALOMINO on a Fast and Furious Mustang, bought with the tears for fear of FLORENCE CASSEZ while she broke bread with 2000 other female prisonners at la cárcel de Santa Martha Acatitla in the same state in Mexico.

Denisa… Welcome…

Now, about that

— Árbol que da moras:

let U.S. head, Denisa, over to Lille, where Clara is going to transliterate our declaration to La Direction at la BENDITA Bpi.

https ://rmc .bfmtv .com /emission /clara-violee-dans-une-rue-de-lille-apres-avoir-ete-droguee-lance-une-petition-pour-alerter-les-pouvoirs-publics-2053020 .html

Had Eye, known that Mi amigo organillero was going to open the ceremony, Eye would have cared less.


Knot to be outdone by the RApT… RATp those motherfuckers, the Parks aNd RecReation commission all agreed to close the Parks and RecreAtions until further clauses.

https ://www .ratp .fr /groupe-ratp /newsroom /corporate /negociation-annuelle-obligatoire-2022-nao

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