preciosa-francia y el Front de Gachos contra Fachos

Homo homini lupus… in case Diego Luna craves Krusty Crabs… and, Avi Velshi, allow Johnny Hallyday, to break that fuckin’ Harley down, damn burlap sac’on Wheels!

And never mind the cast of:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2022/01 /29 /cultura /a02n1cul

And, i quote:
l’Amérique aime-t-elle La Güera… fuck yeah, Öüï does!!! The U.S. of A., on Malcolm Nance-es-ese mind, the U.S.A. loves GWAR. Big businesses next to Vaudeville and Wall Street in Oklahoma.

…and Lindsey Reiser, nevermind the mirror image of morena-francia in this frame, the WOLF is innocent—the fake squaw, that’s Kokopelli and that, is death.

What about “Jay”? Darjeen’! You leave, “Jay” out, you leave Mary out!

Here, let Mí, explain… ‘member THE SHINING? Here’s Yasmin Vassoughian in that iconic bathtub scene. a method-pundit, Yasmin, however, sad to inform did not make the cut on account that the production team requested an “antique rug” and Yasmin is clearly no more than 850 years old.

In local news, SHE ASKED FOR IT.

Told y’all it smelled “fishy”.

Well, well, well… A little boy falls into a hole in the ground next to Casablanca, and The Atlantic delivers ‘all sorts of Poissons‘ to the French. What kind of witchcraft you practicing there GO’il de Niza? Eye thinks Eye loves you. Your magick—my spells, who knows! This could be the start of a beautiful operetta.



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