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El reporte de los cambios:

Of course all Ewe motherfuckers know that I arranged to have all the News about a Crane to fit into today’s OPENING frame. And I didn’t want to even give you, —Bezos, Hallie Jackson… Puros Eco’s.

Arbeit macht geld, I swear that I am not making this up as a pun on Holocaust Memorial month, and if the dilema of the fictional characters of Rockridge are not in synch on the following story, then Mel Brooks is a fucking fag. With All Due Respect, y toda la cosa, but if what Willie Geist said is true:

—That, the Dutch bridge that was destroyed by GODWIN’s LAW, and re-built after the Great War to piss off the surviving Wehrmachtitaß is going to be dismantled just because a rich guy has the money to do it.

Eye bet youse a Karmann Ghia kind of person.

—THEN… let Mí, tell y’all about the one with the SUPER TREN en Polonia; a gas line passed through town and the local lobby of the TREATY of VERSAILLES decided that…

($1 = 20.5831 Mexican pesos)
(€1 = 1,1444 U.S. Dollars)
How many U.S. Dollars would a ϖθθδ chuck chucker need to buy Mexican weed in Euros if the price for a …
In this section, the student will take into consideration that an “obrero” who works a DAILY 12-hour shift pockets 480 Mexican pesos/$23 U.S..

Note to students of the “soft sciences” of the Liberal Wings {at USC, Section AFL-CIO} and latte-drinking sciences {of la CGT à La Sorbonne}:

You can opt out of all the “OMBRE” de les “NOMBRES” if you can make an argument that opens up with the form of, « Well at least, yada, yada, yada », por ejemplo, AT VOLKSWAGEN in PUEBLA, Gilberto Schindler is obliterating low-wages with eight-hour shifts at 600 Mexican pesos por tajada*

*.~ Be-FORe TAXES.


Catemaco, Veracruz_ 3 de febrero.
INTRO to SIGNALS… never mind de Sinus’OID for it is, and Eye quotes:

[Is] smooth, and has finite power and violates none of our criteria for real-world signals.³

The “exponential” signal literally represents an exponentially increasing or falling series:

Continuous time : s(t) : = et the rich.

³.~ It’s al greek to Mí: http ://www2 .hawaii .edu /~gurdal /EE315 /class2.pdf

And, GO’ill de Niza, don’t eat the fish… they piss in the WaWa 💦. It’s TROU! And you know that they fuck in it, aussi, right? Fishes, i must say, are disgusting as Short People, ask Jean-Luke Mélenchon, he will not debate with “short people” especially, GO’ill de Niza, during POLEs season.

Ahora cuenta.e una de los ZETAS.

Over at the RT propagation de la pizca de papayas en Ewe🐏Crane de los cráneos, those motherfuckers are jumping on our TRADEmarked Cotejado de FLORENCE CASSEZ, but with a twist of Acapulco… Eye say, gAwd Damned!!!

And GO’ill de Niza… Le Poisson d’Or is always, ALL GÜEYS : El pejelagarto de Tabasco. ALWAYS, {cuál CARPA ni que OCHO CUARTOS} just ask this 17-FERRARI car garage OWNER that our stringer, Happy Billy Madison, spotted on L’a rue de Fox en Fràncés:

Los Amigos de Mélenchon en Tabasco

https ://www .liberation .fr /politique /jean-luc-melenchon-ne-veut-pas-debattre-avec-les-nains-de-gauche

Confederacion Revolucionaria Obreros Campesinos
https ://www .refworld .org /docid /3ae6aac530 .html


And, GO’ill de Niza, ask LA hija de Poisson, she helped me install The Doors on that Ferrari there, in 2012. Literally, not figuratively, there’$ a record of that with La Préfecture de Police, ask BRUNO.

memo 📝 to Memo:

Well Eye has never been to Dayton
but the parts come from Ohio.

And if you are in on the JOKE, at Place des Vosges, then you know that back in 2011 and all the way until about 2015 there used to stand the sign of the HILTON brand. A rich guy who used to park his luxury cars there posted a “mechanic wanted sign”… I answered the call, and when asked if i had experience with high-perfomance engines, my answer was that, only with old Karmann Ghia’s and Honeywell multi-fuel turbine engines.

Please relay to Cerf-panthere that it was Eye, who lifted the struts on the Jaguar, but EYE didn’t knock the guards at the Place Des Vosges. That was the Total (yes that TOTAL that sells gas) lawyer, who knocked them guards just because his F-40 didn’t fit into his quad, which was next to Victor Hugo’s house.

The more MILLIONAIRESº change the more rich people stay the same:
º.~ Eye really did not want to bring the AMAZON up, Eye tried to ignore the AMAZON news out of this draft. Long Story short, “Arbeit macht geld

https ://nltimes .nl /2022/02/02 /rotterdam-bridge-taken-apart-let-jeff-bezos-pleasure-yacht

Of course, sources close to La Maman des Poissons swears that those Ferraris are not de Deschamps, son de LAS HIJAS DE LA ESPOSA de Poisson.

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