Page Tú to Memo: next time bring marihuana

Coq sucker 🍭🎻… ” Because any güey the Wind blows,” Juárez remains next to El Chuco (915).

Leave the sushi, bring the tacos.


And, fip Siren, « can you smell what The Rock is cooking? »

Page 26… well you’ve heard about Gaultier’s boite de couture at Le Grand Palais and los pernos que se le cayeron como si fuese la linea 12³ de la  Concórdia en México — IT’S Knot oNe of DOS.

…{and} Mr. Kasparov (Garry, Eye believes is your name) please be advised that Fenster (our copy editor) can only count to FOUR, lucky for U.S., Öüï only needs Three Moves to make a bi-plane fly.

³.~ Ahora con acento y toda la cosa.

And (Jonathan Capehart, in Australia, Rafa wore fushia) in Paris… Le Parisien, if that’s even those motherfuckers real name, those Coq suckers are Echo—ing what this litttle fucking blog told Freddy Cats last night. It’s how they roll, first they take the headlines out of OUR Jornada and then they go next to Versailles to build their plot.

It Could Never Happen in France
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2022/01/30 /deportes /nadal-gana-australia-e-impone-record-en-grand-slam/

Foto cortesía de todos los usos justos en los medios, o algo así.

https ://www.leparisien .fr/yvelines-78/ inquietude-a-montfort-lamaury-apres-une-photo-de-deux-hommes-fusil-mitrailleur-a-la-main

By FRENCH NATIONAL POLICE standards… are you coq suckers “sure” that the “item” in question is a killing machine? And, Martin at EMMAÜS, allow, Mi, to explain after some tacos at la rue Santeuil (don’t be shy, Chef, say hello).

And while it is true (Le Parisien) that you do leave the “incognita” in the air-soft head of Elisabeth’s nota, open, one has to wonder why this nota would hit the suburbs in the last stretch of the beginning of the end of ERIC ZEMOUR’s* presidential campaign, NOTAS?

*sorry i mispelled your name, nice girlfriend you got there
reminds Mí of a little coq sucker that Eye used to know,
which, motherfucker, is going to be a segue into the PHILOsophie of what in the fuck makes a good Français(e), or something like that.
It’s a segment that, i would like to title:
How ya’ doin’?

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