Intermedio con page Tú — Jazz is for fags

Chano Pozo walks into a bar

RT France 24 janv. 2022, 14:06- Avec la colaboración de “la bendita” Agence France Presse. Eye is a FAUCIST, and Fauci is star… you circus animals. GOT Yer’ Horse dewormer medecine yet? Don’t forget to SPRINKLE your favorite fishbowl supplements on your RONALD RAOULT french fries.

_ [H]ilarity ensues when La MEP³ sends him to The Congo
instead of delivering him to Las Congas.
ISSYEye is blacker than Ewe.

³.~ https ://www .mep-fr .org /event /swinguerra/

Domingo en Kalifas!

Over in Eastern Pennsylvania, Mika is covering all things OTAN.

https ://francais .rt .com /international /95080-otan-envoie-bateaux-avions-supplementaires-europe-est

Peskov does not approve,
and Willie Geist don’t care
Willie followed Cerf-panthére’s advice

And in WaWa land, an HisToric FO’ist!

15 microphones and a 40°, according to the Root on a ReRun of a morning Late night show. —!—_—¨
Fakir n° 97, page Tú “Les Petites Mains”, ibid.

Ahmir Khalib Thompson, dit Questlove, or something like that,
becomes the FO’ist Philadelphian to be featured on the MORJO SHOW sans noir… it’s an all Blanche panel in Western Philadelphia.

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