From the makers of “Jazz is for fags” and “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

Well, you’ve HO’id about the Summer of Soul… It’s kind’a like that, but for younger roots.

… If Questlove is going to do like Willie Geist and stay in bed, Öüï has no choice but to bring out The Kids in The Hall, —güey.

And here’s why, Mr. Quest, you don’t get to criticize a Tux on Stage just because Mongo Santamaría is dressed for the occasion, and the Family of Sly Jones dressed like they’ve just got out of a Salvation Army second-hand store.

It’s like THIS, if you can’t even get out of your Scooby-Doo jammies to promote the so-called Black Woodstock, then you need to plan your promos on MIKA Standard Time, which is High Noon on The Jimmy Fallon Show… in Hawaii, 18h in Pompeii.

2 min pause

And, Cousin Joe, please don’t show your big ugly mug on Deadline, right now it’s time for your Nantucket siesta.

Pasa la rocha!

Aquí y en China, la cucaracha ya no puede caminar… Cuál parade, ni que ocho Fat Tuesday’s!

And, starring as Eddie Gloude Jr.:




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