Get off of your “peloton”, Scarborough… it is Knot an award, it’s a magazine

And, Katty KayÖüï is confounded by the double standard of The Pentagon when it comes to CONtractors and Grunts. Anyhow, Mika, watch how Joe tap dances through the VACCINE MANDATE between those who get a piece of the pie, and those that get a tv dinner at that country club called The U.S. Air Force.

TimeNOW: 14h13 CET… live on Morning Joe, the runner-up to the “person of the year” Time Life Magazine cover:
John Kirby, or “The Pentagon Guy” with the whiteout

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /national-security /2021/12/14 /air-force-vaccines-discharges/

En contexto, “that guy³” who won Wimbledon could have made the cover…  [A]nd, Willie Geist, you know who could be a contender for the “hero” category?

³.~ As identified by Macca Mary on a recent Direct TV Morning Show, on the Dish Network of CCTV on the BBC.

EXACTLY!: that PENTAGON guy who just pulled a “nothing to see here” Crimes Against Humanity whiteout:

Shocking Execution Errors in Exceptional Expeditions… sponsored by the FORD Mo.Co. 

A Pentagon spokeswoman says THE DEPARTMENT HAS STOPPED IMPLEMENTING THE VACCINE MANDATE for federal contractors… which you are not going to believe this, elise jordan, was a contributing factor for not selecting the vaccine developers as the “person of the year” 2021 cover face on the time magazine who didn’t make the great. Issy, John heilemann, there is page² for that:

².~ Diabolical Casualty et Conspiracy Myths…and Eye quotes:

The idea that the events of our individual, family or collective existence can be explained by occult causes, by mysterious conjurations, accompanies the history of humanity.

De là, les mythes conspirationnistes, où des conceptions religieuses, démonologiques et apocalyptiques son asociadas a conceptos modernistas [dentro de un marco] que propone una explicación del mal que nos abruma.

Page 69
Dictionnaire de psychologie
et psychopathologie des RELIGIONS
Bayard, 2013


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