And then there was that time when AMLO set foot en la casa del Patrón {of the backyard}

Breaking News, Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson! Eye sees that you demoslished Mika’s turtle neck. You are like Big Foot with a news hour. That turle neck didn’t stand a chance. Watch that jumping magic pen, it’s loaded.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/11/16 /cartones /hernandez .jpg

Viejas mañas die hard… viva méxico!!! Pinches amigos de méxico en WaWa land… vía Au Pied du Cochon (Paris, Centre). Don’t forget to load your FACEBOOK with your selfies and your “mexicanidad

And, hey Hallie Jackson, let the record show that The White House is hosting a quasi “little Nicaragua” in the making. Hasta mañana, but knot before Öüï let the record show that DEMOCRACY in MéXICO has a price at Au Pied du Cochon, tip is already included (15% of the tab).

Democracia a la CARTA de Rocha en La Jornada de Vilma Fuentes

And Hallie Jackson… los monitos de La Jornada es un uso justo de msnbc.

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