And, Kier Simmons… never mind the cheeto-dust on the Montreuil-sous-Bois UIT’ites

And, Jason Sudeikis… a year ago, while you were filming that Walmart® parking lot, little ol’Eye thought that Öüï was having his last avocado in France and then this happened:

BREAKING NEWS: In New York, New York, Mika Brzeziński just ran out of Sugar… now Eye is all sticky.

Previously on Mika’s big hairy feline… on the fip “radar phone”…

And in Washington, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough just came-out as a full anti-UIT³ {pronounced ANTI—EWE-Ay’T} and that soon-to-be out of an office at Gotham’s City Hall, {Governor} Bill De Blasio, is in on the TAKE {out}… with prejudice* and in Public Service for Life, fo’Life, Willie Geist, fo’LIFE!!! He’s like the Gringo version of Le Mélenchon… but with a lot of money.

*;~ In the criminal justice system this transliterates as Mayor De Blasio not being liable for the charges of the aforementioned “take” {out}, sticking poWillie Geist with the charges.


Can you spot the “fakeness” in this 20minutes . fr snapshot?

SuperSize Montreuil-sous-BOIS… and IF YOU are familiar with the “MISSING PERSONS” nobody « DRIVES » in Montreuil, just like nobody walks in El Ey…….. _—!—_ Page 3 of N° 3677 of 20minutes . fr; is courtesy of el jueves 18 de noviembre, 2021.

³;~ Instituto de Tecnología Universitaria or Something like that, but super-sized.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /1746 /reader /reader .html# !preferred /0 /package /1746 /pub /1633 /page /3

But FO’ist, wanna know what the French are really, really, REALLY good at? Killing trees of course², but TAUNTING is like their tartar sauce and a bag of chips… ask the Black Knight, that Rosbif is like the poster-Child of ThunderGONG… and EYE quotes:

  • Black Knight: None shall pass.
  • Arthur: What?
  • Black Knight: None shall pass.
  • Arthur: I have no quarrel with you, good Sir Knight, but I must cross this bridge.
  • Black Knight: Then you shall die.
  • Arthur: I command you as King of the Britons to stand aside!
  • Black Knight: I move for no man.

².~ Don’t believe Mí??? WALK three steps from plank #15 along General Eisenhower’s Avenue next to les ChampsÉlysées, go ahead, taunt THE PARIS TOURISM BOARD with a trip to Paris and see fo’YourSelf how Alfred Picard (Yesterday’s Big Palace superintendent) turned a bunch of oak trees into really-really-REALLY big sharpened pencils {SANS PLOMB} just to lay the foundations of a big Ol’Hall for the Glory of French toilettes at Metro line ONE and THIRTEEN next to Clemenceau’s place.

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