And, Kier Simmons… why would Mika sleep with a wet blanket?

IT’S KNOT TeeVee, it’s HoBO Tee Vee.

Time—delayed bridges {bitches} are coming right up. And Kier Simmons, White really-really goes well with a Jimmy Carter cardigan. And by cardigan Eye means a V-shaped pull. But for the record, Mika looks good in any colored pull, except of course avocado green, nobody likes Avocado HAASS in that mix, which is why Saint Ignatius de los WaPos is in that barn.

But FO’ist! La Place CleMenC’eau along l’Avenue de Général Eisenhower… [L]ui, Sera Conçu Pour Rester », will answer Carmela Soprano’s question once and fall all, courtesy of Président Prime McCron.

For the record… helicopters are a{n} Ukranian invention USED by Putin in DUBAI 2021, and Kier Simmons knows what RUSTEC is all about, and that’s —of course— the friends of Hundreds of Millions of Dollars, knot Euros, Dollars, pound per pound… spelled like this: £

And Cousin Joe, knowing the kind of cheating country lawyer that you are, here is the back of the book answer: Alfred Picard (Pliego #15³) wanted to have an easy stroll between les Champs-Élysées and the HandiCapables at Napoleon’s Joint. At the time, Cousin Joe… AT THE TIME, Eye tells you Picard was the SUPERINTENDENT of the 1900 Expo in Paris, France. And Mika, you have to correct for the time that it took Captain Picard to conceive of that Bridge. I need an Ale… many, many Ale. The answer of course: THE FUCKN’ SIX!!! It took 6 years from 1894 to 1900 to inaugurate the First Paris Air Show.

³.~But knowing the kind of thight-ass that Willie Geist is… let’s count the Planks… at 100 paces after plank #15 the non-reader will arrive to a Metro entrance with a working toilette, A WORKING TOILETTE, like all of the other outhouses in Paris before 10 am. After 10 am it’s really a gamble to trust a public toilette in Paname. TROU fact.

This is probably the reason why a scroll on this plywood roll chose to follow the Metro bubble lines inscriptions with “La Inscription”:

CE MONUMENT EST CONSACRÉ PAR LA RÉPUBLIQUE à la gloire de l’art francais.,2.3121349,18z

… for the record, there is a police station between the aforementioned “Inscription” and so as to not look like a fucking lunatic counting planks on the perimeter of the Big Palace, our Paris correspondent, FENSTER the COPY EDITOR counted his paces all the way to FDR next to the 007 garage shop* (Fuck Eye needs an ALE!… and REYNOLD ARNOULD thought that he built the PERFECT CASA DE LA CULTURA (the Beaubourg) but he didn’t, his cafeteria sucks, there is no ale and the place closes before midnight (Plank 26² along the ECO JARDÍN de LA Nouvelle France, next to entrance “C” of the Palace of Discovery, or something like that, has all of the DETAILS.)

*.~ Mourir peut attendre is the first of 4 horse chariots at the Big Ol’palace; it depicts Victoria… that cunt, running over FATHER TIME, which also moonlights as LA MUERTE at the Grand PALAIS in front of Chuck De Gaulle. At the end of that corridor heading WEST (Avenue Gral. Eisenhower) is an ASTON MARTIN dealer, not sure if it’s a spy joint or Knot.

².~ Plank 0 of this strip along the Grand Palais perimeter (direction East) starts with President Sarkozy’s epoch and it SKIPS the circus in front of THE DEUTSCHE EMBASSY (situational positioning coincidence) along AVENUE FDR and skirts the perimeter of Le Palais de La Decouverte, now heading EAST, in the TIME-LINE that concerns this BLOG and THE TALENTS and SKILLS TRIP.

Alfred, let’s call him Captain Picard before there was even an Enterprise conceived of that walk in 1894,

WHY the inventor of LA COPA LIBERTADORES is guarding that bridge is a question that Churchill ask himself every night with a bunch of Tulips in his behind.

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