Efeméride del 13 de noviembre, 2021

It ain’t necessarily easy without complexity —_!_—
After the Rain… the They After from Yesterday Then.

All of a sudden… all crossroads have truck drivers.

Uso justo de todos los medios, but especially, CNEWS matin. And, fellows this patrón is nothing more than the draft, the whole Draft, and EYE think that i’ll have another Ale, many many Ales.

Now you might be wondering what that little (bad resolution) catch enthusiast is doing between the Mexican looking lady with a microphone at the United Nations {National} Security Council and Mr. LukaShenCho’s grandma, and if Ewe gives Mí a second i might be able to improvise something for such important occasion.

24 de septiembre (Suburbio de la eterna primavera III)

And if Öüï had access to our Twitter crutch Eye would show you a negative in red (lines) of the same theme but since i can’t link you that i’ll leave you a General Admission @segoviapixes (@segoarma) thingy for you to knot visit.

It ain’t necessarily a draft

https ://www .rtl .fr /culture /medias-people /video-une-journaliste-americaine-interrompue-en-direct-par-son-petit-garcon -7799212350

and because it ain’t necessarily a draft we are going to catch up with Commander Thomas Pesquet who upon landing in the middle of a Tesla floating landing thingy learned that he has two-consecutive work periods {knot sponsored by VANIA®} to find a job or that son-of-a-bitch is going to find himself sleeping outside of the CNES in Les Halles.

That’s right folks, President Emmanuel Macron just issued one of them presidential vetos on French unemployment… gone are the THEYS when French tourists (spatial or just the regular Tijuana Taxi crowd) could just embark ULTRAMAR (and/or space) and collect French unemployment from overseas (or over the stratosphere)… starting Yesterday, no less, exploits like the one perpetred by Thomas Pesquet on the good people of the International Space Station, —and if you are not tuned in— let the record show that Pesquet held the ISS-Enterprise hostage for like a year or so… and that Frog was on the French pay roll.

Back to the KUBE issue:

Good news for The Pentagon correspondent and neglected peacock employee COURTNEY KUBE who like many moved to France and she is now able to afford day care at what the French call “The Creche”, no word if this move is going to affect her reporting on the nuclear dreams of the incumbent president of France.

It ain’t necessarily a draft…
In the not necessarily dentils (yet) Courtney KUBE is seen displaying her Floribama look for a new series on the CNEWS network: Can someone please take care of my kids.

And in Washington, Tiffany Cross is getting into the race car uniform wearing industry or something like that, but that has nothing to do with our blog, except to say that Daphne is my favorite colornext to Velma, of course.

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