Intermedio {en} Improvisation in Jazz, by Bill Evans

Legacy Edition³

https ://www .fip .fr /musiques-du-monde /afrobeat /fela-kuti-celebre-avec-plusieurs-reeditions -19498

And still to come: AFROBEAT, Fela Kuti might be celebrated in a number of re-editions, but in Oh_Hi_Oh, Fela Kuti can go fuck-a-duck because BLACK LIVES don’t matter over yonder; ask Ginger and that Baker fellow at the London Scene.

Based on a true Freeloader, Freddie… ask Davis, he can see for Miles and, —Ewe know the song: miles and miles and miles.

Dear, Library manager or*, whatever your official title is, check it out {Sir and/or Madam}, the Paris Tourism board might think that they have the perfect Miles Davis collection at the Alice Cooper {knot Gee Pee’s Bpi’s²} Center of the Beaubourg’s depression in front of Stravinski’s fuente… but they don’t.

*.~ Let U.S. just call you SMITH{s}
.~ Georges Pompidou’s bibliothèque d’information publique

Over at the Grand Ole Opryit’s Paris City LimitsTonight’s firmament of stars brings you Amalia Rodrigues and Dolly Parton in ah sort of, kind-ah Lynchburg Tennessee FADO with a Twist of TWANG… Yeah Buddy!!!

And here is why la biblioteca de información pública de La República de Francia no tiene la colección perfecta de Miles Davis on the Third Floor, because the{mmm} racks {👙} that house Miles Davis there don’t have {with} in its catalogue the alternate takes of, So What (punto y coma) or Fran-Dance.

The Miles Davis Quintet — RESCUE edition (2021)

and Eye quotes:

There is a Japanese visual art in which the artist is forced to be spontaneous.

{ if less than 1984 then

add an S to a bracketed H


S[he]must paint on a thin stretched parchement with a special brush and black…

{ if more than 2007 then

replace h2o with a registered trademark


[WaWa] paint in such a way that an unnatural or interrupted stroke will destroy the line or break through the parchment.

Yada, yada — and Eye might add— yada.

Any how, Mr. and/or Mlle. Smith{s}… Eye knows this Cherokee fucker who knows a guy… IN WASHINGTON, of course, who is willing to let go of It! {free of charge} benevolamente because I know the kind of Freeloaders Ewe French people are when it comes to ART¹

Wolfman Jack at the mic:
And if you didn’t see or heard that song on that DVD, check the Blues For PABLO, the song is: Come And Get It (Anthology Version 3).

CD 1 — Track 8 – Freddie Freeloader – False Start
En contexto, maybe i am Paranoid, maybe i am just annoyed, but what Eye can relay is that more and more a certain kind of musical genre is being thrown out on Green Dolphin Street, and Eye reckons that the “abuelitos” y las “abuelitas” de todas y todos los Cerf-panthères of la Île-de-Pécresse are going on to better pastures and those ingrates are just dumping the Masterpieces like Christmas Pandemic Mascots after all THE MASKS ARE GONE.

¹.~ Ask a Mexican, a real Mexican, not that fellow at the Orange County Register in Anaheim, California or those fuckers in the Amigos de México club à la bNf, period.

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