Goooooo, Dodgers. — La Honte, Mika Brzezinski!!! La Honte (5-0)

Dear, AP Lemire, i tried to be nice with that Bridge that i promised you when LA dropped SF, but what Mika foresaw at the close of the Friday edition of The Morjo Show, D.A.T. was just cutthroat. Ouch!

https ://www .lequipe .fr /Baseball /Actualites /Houston-qualifie-pour-les-world-series-en-mlb /1294008

Moving on…  HoDO’… HOdo’ ADD ah Nom… ADD AH NOM!!!
And make it REAL…

NOW, I don’t know if Médecins du Monde realize the following, after all, AVI VELSHI, the hardest realization that has assured my failure in FRANCE in the lapse of this Investigative Report on Mexican Corruption in FRance is that  Everybody knows EVRY one and everyone goes to bed with each other smelling the VAPORS at what the French call “Le Vernissage,” or something like that.

Deer, Tara Palmeri at Politico… nice plant you got there. I am Sirius and Avi Velshi is a Bald Supremacist. Clear “Warning Signs” of an international spymaster “who vacations in Mississippi,” with the Nazis from Natchez. And people WHO color outside of the lines claim that AVI VELSHI is a Houston Astros fan. Avi learned to play baseball in a golf course, that’s how Avi Velshi rolls. Avi Velshi still calls baseball “Cricket”, but that’s because he’s from like Vancouver or, some Canadian hellhole like that.

http  ://www .subzin .com /quotes /M106811c5d /Fletch+Lives /We%27re+the+Nazis+from+Natchez%21

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