GOT MY Orange crush… REM is not good enough for Morning Joe*

C’mon, SIREN… show Mí, the Man holding The Motherfucking Pussy. DeNoêl, 1967 par Fallet.

Merci-merci-merSEE… « L’infortune du Cocu » , or something like that.

♫ BANG, bang, bang… and then blame. In Antigua, CHINA is starting their own Académie Française. And all the BLAME on this Chinese Belt falls on TOCQUEVILLE and the IMFand it’s all General Colin Powell’s fault.

* La Honte, Mika Brzezinski!!! La Honte. That PIMP, Joe Scarborough has you, of all Brezezinskis!!! peddling all of the musical guests that can’t make it into the segments of THE WILLIE GEIST SHOW.

In ConTexto… Stacey Abrams, GEORGIA deserves every FUCKING thing that voter supression is going to deliver, but that’s another dream for latin people in the U.S.A… because we are in the same fucking boat.

And in EUROPE, more specifically in PARIS:

The inner city blues are like The California Pinto League in the film American History X. The French benevolent ignore and Hilarity in The French version of The Producers… reloads.

It’s funny because on page 9 of CNEWS N°2620, Alexei Navalny receives the Señorito « SAKHAROV » Award, heck just a few editons ago²… wait for it Benitez, La Nebula is around the corner… Sing: “Nah, nah, nah, NAH.

².) N°2615 Oct. 8, 2021:

REPORTERS sans FRontiers… according to that Editon, capital i, Defendente Génolini was promoting the ONG for the Nobel PEAce Prize (punto y coma) the reason, because that would be a Good Way to put a “shining light” on journalism.

Hail SATAN!!! That the prize was directly AWARDED to TWO Journalists and not to an INTERMEDIARY like an Organização Não-Governamental, and HERE IS {WHY’no}… in the words of the CADRE at the SIEGE of Emmaüs in Paris, it turns the ASSOCIATION into a POLITICAL ENTITY¹.

¹. For reference please refer to …  Wait for signal.

And In New Mexico: Alec Baldwin just woke up from a TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE, it seems that he will forever be typecasted into the role of an old dude speaking to a cellphone:

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Bruno_Wolkowitch #Doublage

Stephen Baldwin’s brother
was of course, Bruno WOLKOWITCH in la VF.

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