The first thing you need to know about TRMS is…

_is that she, Rachel Maddow, knows where Ewe sleeps. Still, Öüï insists that El primer torero porno needs to be inducted into the Unesco World Heritage List (for cyber artifact) if for no other reason because El primer torero porno managed to unite Guillermo del Toro and Humberto Eco in their child form. Betito was chosen to play the son of Claire, who she herself was cast as the governor’s wife, while Memito, that little fucker will spawn into the son of a run-of-the-mill cabinet member of the ruliing party


to be an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, land-use, or sea-use which is representative of a culture (or cultures), or human interaction with the environment especially when it has become vulnerable under the impact of irreversible change;

The second thing one needs to know about Rachel Maddow is that she, TRMS, knows the position of your sleep number mattress… in this sense Raquelito is scarier than an Alternative Julio Iglesias reality where Humberto Eco grew up to be the Fkn governor… Yada

“I had bordered with a masterly rhetoric on the subject: “Should we die for the Glory of Mussolini and the Immortal destiny of Italy?”

In context, little Humberto Eco grew up fascist and then he discovered Dick Tracy, or something like that, trou story, these are his words:

En 1942, à l’âge de dix ans, j’ai remporté le primier prix aux Ludi Juveniles (un concours à libre forcée pour jeunes fascistes Italiens).

The only thing that TRMS asks for is…

AD9C88E7-F562-4BA3-8A41-18F93B91E6BC… The FO’ist Rhule about the Paris Tourism Board is? Anyone, Diego? ••• The FO’ist Rhule about the Paris Tourism Board is? Diego Rivera? Trotsky? Anyone? — Ok, how’bout you Mr. Siqueiros, wanna give this riddle a TAP ⛏ ?

Thrice as harmful… as the FO’ist 20 jeers.

Bliss with Hayek follows:

—You only get five refills.

— I’ve only refilled four times.

The first bottle counts as a re-fill.

La Versailles touch… watcha tryin’ to say D.A.R.E., Mr. “So Foot » ?
D.A.T. youse more explosive than la Marseillaise?


It’s a One after 9/09 Special Edition from La Argentina (Ag)… does anybody remember a la argentina?

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