El cuac de la Fontaine y el ¡On on¡ del ganso

I’ve been to “la fontaine” y el WaWa también es bendita… mostly for la sequía of the Inland Empire; if you ever take the wrong turn in Andalucía and end up in Cucamonga you’ll know what Eye is talking about.

… Eye is no stranger to Fontana, it’s right smack on Route 66. Issy, all of a sudden Évry body wants to get on Las Fuentes bandwagon.

https ://cronicaglobal .elespanol .com /cronica-directo /curiosidades /onomatopeyas-animales _207933_102 .html

Over on the fip freq’s… Le Canard Enchaîné is offering carrots and the Sticks are playing right now at Darth Vader’s music hall à Pantin.

Pot dealer… but Évry Ivry knows her as “La Rejoneadora”.

In Hilo, Hawaii… the stars are already out, or rather, visible; and in Paris, France… it’s 11 am, yes— ma’am… and Courtney Kube has just figured out how to obliterate big boobs.

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