The Last Coca ~ Cola in Kabul starring Cerf-pantère

Fuistes ah-Kabul [co] y no me avisatez
¿No me siento¹ a gusto, con quién ([🇮🇷.) te paseaste?

And… Niño Luc, los licántropos de Vilma Fuentes contacted Frankenstein and the Monster Mash was On, —Bitch! 💋

Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Deer, SIRENE: since you didn’t ask, Eye Will tell Will 🏹 what 🍎 is going on in Paname, wait One with Ono.


Got Watts?


And Halie Jackson… oh, hey, They Call IT Stormy Monday, and that’s C.O.D.E. for INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION in Acapulco y Afghanistán.

“Yes, Ma’am!”

Cerf-panthére, saving the planet by ignoring the Hallmark®️industry one postcard from the edge at a time. Still to come, it’s the story of the day that Cerf-panthère learned how papá-Cerf met momma–Big spotted Cat, and the real reason why that hybrid hates postcards. Long story short: Cerf-panTERE’s learns that her parents could not wait to send that creature to boarding school in Bern 🇨🇭, and momma–Big spotted Cat never gave a damn about her silly little postcards from the “KAMP”. The plot thickens when Cerfie-P learns that papá-Cerf disposed of her correspondence by stuffing these in the wrong TRI²


ISSY, Cerf-panthère… i re-named you. You are now a TERE [sa]… por cruel [la]. Ask the people in MataMoros. A la cruel [la] Teresa, Rigo nada le dejo. And Rigo—RIGO es AMOR… aquí y en ROMA.

In local KNOWN News sirene station à Issy-les-Moulineaux, fip . fr (those motherfuckers) forgot once again to paint a littleblack angel“; KNOT EVEN one ÁNGEL NEGRO, fip… ONE Angelino PrietoDENIS SOULA!!! You have THE GALL— THE GALL, and no aches let alone any PROBLEMO  [FRANCE] programming Frankenstein’s for merePLEASURE“.

… and, Ms. Gall — Mr. T can go to hell, Aussie!

Musical Guest: Proud Mary meets Cuando Calienta El Sol
… en la voz de Polo

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Los_Apson#Polo

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