Godspeed, President Biden… with that out of the way

It’s the first day of recess at the races… with the most original of the talents at the Tourism Board in Paris, the one and only (hybrid-Hallmark®️) CerfpanThère, 📨 

“Vous n’avez reçu aucune carte postale cet été ⁉️ C’est normale »

IT•Figures… 🚬
In Afghanistan the U.S. of A. just TOOK from the FRENCH playbook in INDOCHINE, and in local news, The Macron administration just summoned the spectre of Nancy Reagan.

But Keep that jeep®️Rubicon under 30k /h… and get off of le jardin des plantes.

The French are back in town
in 20minutes after a cigarette break
PAGE 9, N° 3648.

Let’s hope that through the levee the dike doesn’t have to find out how many holes it takes to fill a BeRM.

Yup, there’s an FM for it
… [A]nd Lindsey Reiser,
Avi Velshi is in it.

If Last Week Today showed U.S. anything is that contrary to popular ARMY lore, there is not a Field Manual for “everything”. The Army is obviously missing the FM that outlines the proper way to end the tactical operations in a Major Theater of WAR, and of course the  Appendix that deals with properly shutting the lights-off.

Witt that in mind… now that all of the Friends* in the ‘Stan are out, don’t forget to turn the lights off.

*.) With the exception of Turkey, who decided to stay. Out of courtesy, Madame Vice-president, ask if the last Byrd ³ out of Afghanistan should hit the lights, O-kee-dokie?

³.( https ://old .reddit .com /r /worldnews /comments /pe1yti /turkey_poised_to_recognize_taliban_as/

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