“War is over… if you want,” sincerely: The Islamic Emirates

Extra, extra!!!

Starman spotted waiting in the sky
Foo fighters blow his noggin to Smithereens…
A FOX 11 exclusive on KTLA via KLAQ

— Taliban offers truce for peace.

From deep within his cold grave, the former architect of misery in Irak and Afghanistan, Donald Rumsfeld, says NO!

After the break, The Fifth Beatle goes to El Paso to see about the one After 909… in The U.S.S.R. or something like that! The thing is, you fool me once, Shame on “Rummy”, you fool me twice it’s probably the fault of The Surgeon General in The Ministry of Health 🚬🚬🚬.

EXTRA! Extract!!!

Lennon’s on Sale A–Gain!

— President Bush (43) expresses “deep sadness” for his former Secretary of Defense, Mr. Bush laments that all of the heat in Hell is not enough to warm Mr. Rumsfeld’s cold-cold mechanical heart.

“W”, the Artist formally known as “Dub–ya” then paints a fuckn’ picture that LORDE Cheney nails to a Wall.


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