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Marcus Miller, you son-ovabitch, Eye is waiting, don’t make me CRASH the Arenas and remind a El Niño Luc, quién es su padre 🏄🏽‍♂️💀

… Fu¡! Di$c£o$ur€:

And Vania®️, “It’s Expensive being poor,” and Mika darling, Katty Kay is going to get a kick out of this. Quick story short… Mika Brzezinski, are you a Cougar? Or are you a lioness-es?  Philippe Labró wants to know, that’s all (Nº 2694; page 6, 30 factures… or as Antoine Compagnon once said, “here’s looking at you, Kid🍾”

🍾Donald Morrison

“Faites-nous réver », pages 3 ; 10-12… Reid all about, IT!, period. Or, you can switch it over to what used to be Nelson Mandela’s backyard, now it’s just A Monop®️ version of the “golden” corral… check it out.

Whatever might be the arrangement, take Eisenstein, please, take him to the parade¹ happening now (punto y coma) Sin Embargo, looking at Queen Elizabeth [the Seconds’] jolly COMMAND OF SOCIAL SIGNIFICATION, President Vladimir Putin could take a cue. And here is why:

Issy, before anything happens we are glad to announce that this portion of the They is being laundered by Saba™️Intima, pequeñin™️,Regio™️ and of course the good people at Essity, starring in A Band In Parts production of this SUMMER CINEMATIC caper de Cape Cod[o]:

And Congressman Scarborough, Eye bets your “dumb country-Lawy’r » script thought that THIS DRAFT WAS ABOUT YOU, eh!

Esto-es-El Colmo de un Clochard.

Featuring Vilma Fuentes, our favorite veteran from The “nosotras™️” clan of 1968, as the Crosseyed Connection between The Mexican Consulate situated just around the quadrant’s bend of to the left right anca of Ludovico Magno’s horses ass and The Préfecture de París, TEXAS… ask Major Pesquet, he’s got a clear-eyed view of The Red Cross between La AFP and Salma Hayek’s Bourse. Trou Story, wey!


¹.)_ “Happening now” Eisenstein uses “typography, the word “но” (but) is added to the title of the chapter (on the MSNBC…BS) which then animates and dissolves into an image of machinery in motion.[3][8] The administration is spying on the workers, reviewing a list of agents with vivid code names.

Say what’ever happened to that jet from the other They… [L]et’s pick up where with The Dutch going to Kuala Lampur were turned into smithereens.

And Cory Coffin… nevermind “el realismo mágico”, here comes “Le realismo psychologique de los Tolstöi’s-es y los DOStoïevski’s-es-es… “una disociación entre ACCÍON y CONCIENCIA². [Page 284, Dans La Production… The Birth and Life of Film. “Du Formalism ».

².)_ Chklovski, V., Textes Sur Le Cinéma ; Collection “Historia y estética del cine”, en colaboración con la Série « TRAVAUX ». 2011, Ed. L’Age d’Homme. Lausanne, Suisse.

After the break, Laurent Jullier asks WHY? [Pourqoui en Fránces] en tanto a las interpretaciones, especially the cultural ones, por ejemplo AVI VELSHI, page 184 of L’Analyse de Séquences (5th edition) asks:


2.2 ¿Hace falta hablar Japonés para analizar un film Japonés?

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