It’s the bottom of the Second y se nos pegaron las sábanas…

At the House of Detention (no bad intention)

Break On Through, phase one; side effects include sleepiness and an urgent need for a fucking Ale from The Monk —_•!•_— Listen up Sonny Boy, tell Pepper to put the Art in a Brown paper bag and tell the Baker that this session is To Go.

— And then i told Igor 🎼, Georges 🎬 and off-course, Jimbo (that 🦎King SumBitch) that i would love to spend the Knight but i would miss my favorite hour in Panamæ… No insistas Edith 💅🏻, mi Corazón es de CharLotte 🧜🏻‍♀️ BeeBring.

You are not fooling anybody without your Spectacles, Mr. Kornacki

Coming up on The Ozarks, Elise Jordan, in the role of RUTH “virgin ears” LANGMORE goes to Montreuil-sous-Bois (93100) and gets a haircut.

And, ELISE, you sexy Missourian Ewe, Now Eye knows that there’s an Exodus from The Peacock farm to La Île-de-France… STEVE KORNACKI IS RUNNING for President of the surrounding suburbs of Anne Hidalgo’s grounds.

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