“That’s malarki!” — Once in a generation is a recipe for where we are today

And, Jason Johnson… allow Mí to break it down for repentant Reaganites in the Catholic Church; and Willie Geist, never mind the pope in Rome, Francisco is just going through the recommended steps listed on “the kit” to rid the Holy See (i told you so) of « Petty Corruption » which has just been capped at 48 € per hour.

BUT FO’ist! Breaking The News for Ben Rhodes.

Благодарю за всë внимание, оказанное мне во время визита в Москву. Большое спасибо, надеюсь скоро вернуться!

Marcelo Ebrard
Foreign Relations Secretary
for The Mexican United States and, former Voto Latino operative for María Teresa Kumar…
Oh, The Humanity.

Hey, BEN RHODES! Ben!!! BEN Rhodes

And Katty Kay, please relay to Willie Geist that Öüï continues to ketch-up with last month’s news today (punto y coma) por ejemplo, “Who Is Making Sure the A.I. Machines Aren’t Racist?”… Eye tells you what, Katty Kay, the Artificial Intelligence of a decade ago is going to be the Artificial Intelligence of the next quarter, aussi. —_—

https ://www .nytimes .com /2021/03/15 /technology /artificial-intelligence-google-bias .html

Any how, Doris… how much did Barnicle pay for that comparative tijera* between the Firestone Chats and the Goodwin blimp in the sky. I tell you what, Joe Biden [President one–each] if you build back better, with no scheduled maintenance for the next 70 years of drama and, without specifying WHO IS SUPPOSED to fix it, then the next dirt road that gets a facelift in ten years might get the Ciudad Juárez public works contract.

… and Willie Geist, please be advised that it is nearly impossible to find out what a resurfaced dirt road in Ciudad Juárez looks like because the Mayor there only gets to rule for three years and the resurface process, well that drama there, takes four years to complete, —thus allowing the incoming administration to resurface the same road project starting of course, with a new budget.

Gaining knowledge the Boston Way… with Cash. Cold Hard Cash. (In-State tuition knot factored in).

And Agent Angle, in case you are wondering, this is the kit, “you literally can’t make this stuff up…

TM 9-2350-264-10-1


W/Ch-ch-ch Changes.

_mostly because? Anyone?
“You literally can’t make this stuff up, mostly because?”…

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