Coming up on Mr. Joe’s address

The next 265 and then some…

And, Vice-President Harris, please don’t drink the kool-aid™️… not calling the current Mexican administration a political cult, but seriously, don’t drink “el cul eys” de don Andrés…

But seriously, never mind the “Johnny Appleseed” approach to correct for the exodus of minors from the former ‘Chiquita Banana’ planting grounds, an issue of priority is the fact that American shoot first ask questions later killers … wait scratch that, … is the fact that American Law Enforcement Officers are going to tell teach Guatemalan cops how to do their job… send in Colonel Sanders to teach vegetarians how to cook.

https ://www .reuters .com /business /environment /trees-visas-mexico-suggests-us-citizenship-reforestation– 2021-04-22/

WELCOME, to the 2nd ever continuing coverage of Kentucky Rain Keeps Pouring Down edition of “A They at The Races”

And starring as “The Nut Tree de La Chingada”, Charlie Chaplin.

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/04/27 /el-gran-transformador/

Sources close to Willie Geist reveal that a Highly Motivated (17) Known Agenda (1) issued out a warrant for the Hidden Stash (13) of Ukrainian goodies inside the hard drives of the lawyer of “Individual One”, also known as the former president of the United States of America  Don “John” Trump… whatever happens, a Soup and Sandwich (19) is guaranteed for all, and Tonight Henry The Horse, Ladies in Gemini, dances the Waltz.

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