Mujer policia… meet me at camera two on The Daily Show

Attention camp:
The following transmission of The First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris Softball Tournament from The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field is made possible by the support of Rock of Ages Ace Supply Stores where you can start your holiday shopping in April on La Rue de Rivoli.

Eye knows Teeny Tiny Pundita, Eye knows. The following is going to sound anti-feminist, but Steph it has come to Mí’s attention that if one says the word « progressive » around La Commune de Paris, ‘Liberals!!!’ (those motherfuckers) will cajole you into the Mussolini-Franco front of the political spectrum, so Mike Barnicle, it is not enough to know what the difference between a “liberal” and a “progressive” is, in fact —old timer— you must know how to time shift between Central Europe Time and a Zulu time-stamp.

—Full Transliteraterlation—

The tag “liberal” is benchmarked in S.A.E. Imperial Crypto Units of Burbank, California, with Senator Bernie Sanders taking the 10 unit’s art and knot—EYE REPEATS—knot the technocratic Le Figaro metric bleeding hearts of the French touché… the French touché (btw) would include anyone south of La Porte de Versailles in March of 1871.

Now about that police gal, under any other scenario, and i mean any other scenario before a court of law the mare fact that she is a first responder, —a 26-year veteran first responder no less— would give her like extra points before the presiding judge. And yes, Reverend Kasie Hunt, of course i am talking about blind favoritism (punto y coma) the kind that exceptional citizens shower white supremacist veterans with when Texas politicians pander to them.

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