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O como dice Keith Jarret:

Now, if you know Squat about this blog then youse in/on the right track, because nothing, Secretary Callamard, on this blog is uploaded by Mí on a mere whim… just ask FRANCISCA at the front desk of your Paris (Villette) Division Headquarters, after the customary confessionesque round-robin she sent me over to Rue Vivienne, casi esquina con la AFP; just in front of former U.S. Senator (R-MS) Claire McCaskill’s “cloak room” connection at La Bourse. Anyhow, Secretary General Agnès Callamard, i don’t have your predecessor’s “ANNUAL REPORT”, yet. I do however, have the OBSERVATORIE DE L’ACCÈS AUX DROITS ET AUX SOINS DANS LES PROGRAMMES DE MÉDECINS DU MONDE EN FRANCE in my possession, for now anyhow… hold that thought.

C’mon mama don’t be common… Indeed, Secretary General Agnès Callamard, came out swinGing in this first week at her post.

First on the list: The gift shop.

Instant replay:

In comes the changeup from Michel
the spin of that throw may be reviewed on Pg. 3 of N° 3620* transliteration of the Olympic Rules for Fast-pitched softball, “La parole est libre mais à condition qu’elle soit conforme au bien de la justice », Callamard (Team XXI Century) bunts and Michel (Team La Commune) picks up, throws to 1st, and it’s one out.

Julius César’s shenanigans allowed Team XXI Century the opportunity to evaluate the possibility of pairing Hidalgo with a “designated hitter”. The concerns from last month’s street poll on the teasers of Marianne suggested to-a-captive audience that Le Pen would have a field day with Hidalgo if the first round of elections were conducted just weeks ago in the month of March.

… technical difficulties prevented the swift delivery of the rest of the reports.

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