Dear, Charlie Hebdo… Knock, knock —

Previously on… i bet you thought that i was talking about you!

In Local news… freedom loving censors. .:. 519A547D-7576-4BAD-B149-AD8BE16D271D .:. It’s funny when it happens to a Pot Smoking GI, “emotional” when it happens to your own, and like i told you last night before 20 minutes went out into the Parisian Metro racks: if you use terrorists tactics to teach me a lesson, then you are no different than Coulibaly, or that Venezuelan specter, Luis Posada Carriles and Carlos ‘the jackal’. So, go ahead keep shooting the messenger.

Anyhow, Rachel Maddow, ‘member the days when the entire news cycle of talking head from John Stewart to say… Ewe, would cover relevantly important French news on the opening monologue? Of course you don’t, why would the American news sphere relay a monumental decision like convicting a former president?

Personally, i can’t comment on this particular news bomb because it would be A CONFLICT OF INTEREST for me because the same charges that the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy got convicted for (offering cushy jobs to insiders in Nice) were eerily similar to the entire Year of Mexico in France favors that the Hollande administration extended to Los Amigos de PORFIRIO DÍAZ en Francia for the release of Florence Marie Cassez, and other assorted ‘energy’ deals.


We now return to 21 Grams con los del Toro:

Tell you what, professor, i’ll let you put the Context on this one. 🏨 with one CORRECTION, the address number on the police report is not 22, as officer Arno recorded it, the number is 32.

21 intermezzos con, “Y tu mamá también”, el señor Alejandro Cuarón was describing the color scheme that he used to give Memphis, Tennessee, the warm to cool splash on the screen. With that in mind, the picture below continues with a brief dialogue (for context) that we had with the “invisible” essential workers that keep The Cochin Hospital sanitized.

— Hey, pretty vest, what’s with all of the ruckus?
— They don’t pay us enough.
— S’dat a fact?
— Yup!
— What about them security cops over across the line?
— They broke too!

And SIREN, you are not going to believe me but that blue on the snapshot is the product of the siren on top of an ambulance that was on its way out of the gates. If you need proof just ask the most informed cop in France to show you the CCTV feed, the timestamp as always: is included in the Middle of it All.

This is the Sound of Mexico, without Sony Music involved… and in Radio news, well wadda ya’Know, not to be outdone by the sixth addition at the Melle. Pitch Awards & Company, the fip freq’s are extending their little photo contest for one mo’Week. The Gall of them freq’s.


And in Russia, Vladimir Putin refuses to call Alexei Navalny by his name, and in Washington, Claire McCaskill is starting to use that strategy with Mathilda’s former favorite son… for those on this side of La Seine who don’t get the joke, don’t worry, in the United States nobody except for Talents and Skills Visa awardees know who Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is. At Heidi’s house, the infants are restless, and it’s driving Przybyla NUTS!!! The affront from the kids prompts Nicole to bring out the ‘salt peter’ reference, and if you’ve ever been tortured ‘down there’ then you know why the pundit is obsessed with Would. And witt DAT in mind… Johnson & Johnson joins the Wacky Races.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Would %3F

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