The Faber book of Mexican Cinema meets Melle. Pitch

Continued from pg. 33

[Must be read in a Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger voice]

Feeling more Mexican than a lot of corrupt politicians or bureaucrats, Alejandro Cuarón leaves his country, his house, his company and other assorted commodities to accept a self-imposed challenge en el extranjero.

Page 142, Woods, ibid.

But first!

Context follows… because that pretty picture don’t tell me a God damned thing, and of course, by pretty picture we mean Archimedes Screw feeding the ink for that drawing.

The practical and theoretical implications of a pitch as interpreted by the dialogue between international jurisdictions. This pitch (musical key) examines the challenge posed by a secular cleric on one cold February morning in 1954, and it is juxtaposed with the spiral pitch*🧬of our present world. The story takes off after the last chiseled call on a plaque outside of the house that “El Patrón¹” built:

Contre le misère et ses causes

“What else can I say…”


In the communication business, the targets are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the press who investigate issues, situations, procedures, negligence, collusions and crimes, and the advertising firms who sanitize the offenders … and to quote Law & Order SVU: these are their stories.

In Hilo, Hawaii, hoy no hubo volcanes… jump to page 27, where Angelina Jolie is playing the síncopa (anticipated link) to Silviana Cocan’s French Classic: la qualification de la agression et la RespOnsaBiliTy des Etats (en conflictos armados), knot in the States that weaponize said conflicts.


1. El Patrón = L’Abbé Pierre.


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