The Faber book of Mexican Cinema meets Melle. Pitch

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[Must be read in a Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger voice]

Feeling more Mexican than a lot of corrupt politicians or bureaucrats, Alejandro Cuarón leaves his country, his house, his company and other assorted commodities to accept a self-imposed challenge en el extranjero.

Page 142, Woods, ibid.

But first!

Context follows… because that pretty picture don’t tell me a God damned thing, and of course, by pretty picture we mean Archimedes Screw feeding the ink for that drawing.

The practical and theoretical implications of a pitch as interpreted by the dialogue between international jurisdictions. This pitch (musical key) examines the challenge posed by a secular cleric on one cold February morning in 1954, and it is juxtaposed with the spiral pitch*🧬of our present world. The story takes off after the last chiseled call on a plaque outside of the house that “El Patrón¹” built:

Contre le misère et ses causes

“What else can I say…”


In the communication business, the targets are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the press who investigate issues, situations, procedures, negligence, collusions and crimes, and the advertising firms who sanitize the offenders … and to quote Law & Order SVU: these are their stories.

In Hilo, Hawaii, hoy no hubo volcanes… jump to page 27, where Angelina Jolie is playing the síncopa (anticipated link) to Silviana Cocan’s French Classic: la qualification de la agression et la RespOnsaBiliTy des Etats (en conflictos armados), knot in the States that weaponize said conflicts.


1. El Patrón = L’Abbé Pierre.


What would L’Abbé do? — Mlle Pitch Awards Submission

Please stand-by for Context in the Contest.

How to get to Sesame Street .:. 42282857-480C-43E6-9C72-F26B89C98AA3 … en fin.

If you happen to be in Paris you might have noticed that the advertisement campaign for the Abbé Pierre started back in the month of December, perhaps as far back as November of 2020. But in all of the tunnel walking that i have done since the month of September of last year and yesterday’s late afternoon stroll, i can assure you that i must have missed Made•mois•elle Pitch’s Awards convocation along the underground as the above advertisement (it seems) did not make it north of the Luxembourg Garden or beyond the route that starts from Les Halles and all the way Saint Ouen or Saint Denis.

ONE DAY UPDATE ON THE above-written paragraph:

From the Top, who are you going to believe, the local authorities or the Anal swabbed elements of the story? .:. 28DE3B72-C4CC-41A9-A74C-380D31301111 .:. Coming up: the Silviana Cocan Connection, the Florence Cassez  “Law and Order” episode, “y tú mamá también”, con Jason Wood.

It is now Friday, February the 26th of 2021 and following my observation about the Metro Poster Files at Melle. Pitch’s house of content, the creative Monkees there updated their site to note that the publicity campaign for the contest for THOSE WITHOUT A VOICE is back on the underground billboards.

You are welcome, artists, now do that thing that you do with the voodoo that you do.