Breaking The Velo… Breaking the… drome

First and TEN!

Bicycle. Bicycle. I want to ride my Bi•cy•cle… but Knot in Marseille. And if you are into Buddy Holly on the Rachel Maddow Show then make a note because this is where i am going to start to destroy a sweater and in the process weave una canasta (sin peces, because it is not one of those).

It’s Elemental, Cousin Joe… it works for the Sheeple, it Works for El Chivo, “Principe des bergers”:

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Lemme_des_bergers

Instant Replay follows in case you missed La Cesta de mi Sexta .:. The name “shepherd’s principle” comes from the following situation: a shepherd seeing only the legs of his sheep will be able to determine the number of animals by dividing the number of legs by four… of course, theory is one thing, but try to make out the legs in one of those glorious orgies at… We interrupt this program to bring you a bulletin from La Conciergerie, where Special Envoy Chris Jansen is standing by.

Was it HydroxichloroQuine, or was it the Training French Handball siege of recent Yersterday’s? WHO knows! So let’s find out why the owners of that oval want OUT,

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /arts-entertainment /2021/02/04 /sarah-silverman-podcast-platform/?arc404=true

—JERRY! Fuera d’ay! Los velos de Arienne want out d’Occitania, or something like that.


Something, something—something goes here, in French, followed by a statement issued out by the spokesperson of the French Foreign Legion, in French Guiana.

The illegitimate nephew of François Hollande (from the Melber’s Clan in Puget Sound] reports from a stranded RER wagon on the B Train to The CDG/Mitry. Preliminary eyes on that Situation can see that the PRIVATE ENERGY LOBBY, in Marseille, ruptured an ⚡️ feed at Train Station North. Donc [Key]… the illegitimate nephew of former French président, François Hollande (from the Melber Clan in the Puget Sound) will remain on the Wagon at least until 15h in Central Nato Times, which is a Class SIX tragedy, because the illegitimate nephew of former French président, François Hollande (from the Melber Clan in the Puget Sound) drinks Grants for breakfast and this is Vice-president Harris CUE to read from the cue-card:

“Yo tengo otros datos.” 🇲🇽 AFE4EFEE-78BD-4082-A066-8ADF501B4C0B .:. Eye saw The GOAT etched over digital media in on CMYK before you went to Madame Claire’s Ho House. Watch THIS Space 🔜 ⛹🏽‍♂️ Eye is going to sink a Chivohead in the hoop using an array of loops to weave a net — just FOR EWE, Cow! 🎼 “Because those new boobs just aren’t you.” NOFX most integral album on Race Relations can’t be wrong… ask any Bean.

Live from the A train… it’s weekend Edition with musical guest Johnny Laboriel.

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