And in the role of El Chavo del Ocho… Sam Stein


DEAR, A.B. Stoddard, i’m Chevy Chase and i love you!!!
Eye would ask you to marry Mí, but Eye is not into stealing from Peter to borrow from Paul.

And, Willie Geist… [D]o you know who else made a lot of money on the back of humanity, —yeah, Buddy, —Sam Stein’s wife (at Facebook)… [B]ut that’s fine and peachy as long as Sam Stein discloses the real bread winner while at the Coffee Bar.

REGULATE Sam Stein’s Wife (job), and the Silicone (industry) too, Aussie!

After the 14 hundred re-hash hour, Shannon Pettypiece hypnotizes Rep. Elissa Slottkin (D-WI) and the former combat helicopter pilot regresses to the pre-9/11 era to reveal that she is the long lost illegitimate daughter of super San Antonio (TX) son, Gibby Haynes.

… It’s just a SPUR on the loins,
a SPUR on the loins,
a SPUR on the loins.

Meanwhile in France… at the 21 hundred hour, BFMer TV is reviewing the DONALD JOHN TRUMP directed siege on The Hill, AUSSI —_\•¡•/_— The Top Lawman on the rolodex at The Élysée is caught between a claim and WAIT for IT!, NEIL Katyal*, a motherfucking ConFlicT of Interest which up to today’s DATE (at France Info 105.5 FM) was unheard of at La Sorbonne and the French Halls of Power.

And The Cover Girls go:

TIMMY!!! — C40B22CF-9075-46BF-AF68-51AD2D79C744 — Dialing for blowjobs. Only on Deadline.

Well Slap some lipstick on Mí and call IT!!!, a Son of a Bitch, Eva Longoria!!! Aussie, you may go ahead and excuse yourself while Eye Kiss(es) The SKY.

* Georgetown law professor and a better-than-average IQ contributor on the Purple Pundit Show, not to mention a Nostradamus aficionado on The Beat.

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