Deer, Lindsey Reiser… whatever you report, Do Not Knot

Vía: Reforma (monoaureo . com)

As Eye was saying in the headline, do not, Lindsey, do not Knot the Devil into Georgia. In other words, Lindsey Reiser, (love your jammies) The Devil has no scheduled engagements in Georgia, and The Devil will most definitely not be fiddling with the election there on Tuesday, and besides… The Devil’s fiddle is in the shop right now getting refurbished for The Apocalypse, which promises to be a better engagement.

“And said watch him folks ’cause he’s a thouroughly dangerous man … E0BAFBDE-AAF7-4E5B-8234-DF50D4909A1C … he’s an undercover agent for the F.B.I. 🗣 And he voted for George McGoveren for president!”

ISSY, Charlie Daniels is a fag! And that’s a good thing, because according to don Calderon’s crystal ball The Devil went down to TAMAULIPAS, —again. Heck, judging from don Rocha’s interpretation of The Devil has been in Mexico since the “Búfalo” days.



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