Peace was on sale, but The Truman Show was not buying*

Previously on “They Call Mí, Trinity… but over at the Préfecture de Paris (Centre) Eye is really, Nobody (1973).

Unfortunately for Teller and the other fusion aficionados, it wasn’t easy to use fusion for peace¹

[Break to PSA]

In case you should ever need to know, rue Montgallet in the 12 District of Paris, France, is the parallel IT corridor to what the French call, « la police de police », not to be confused with “The Watchmen”, anyhow, today the aforementioned police is not open. So, should you need to file a complaint, don’t bother doing IT on a Wednesday, unless you need an excuse to visit the park around the corner, or visit Lafayette, or knock at Mediapart’s gate, or admire the orgy fresco at the Saint-Antoine’s mess-hall, or to savor some authentic pozole. It’s all there should you ever need to file a complaint at the police of the police.


Laughter, eh‽

Laughter, eh‽ .:. D9446110-1F83-40CD-9B8A-6492F523E461 ☢️ You don’t say… I was not aware that the French also invented Momo.

Peace Sells*

What if the Cold War had been handled differently? Reaganites —as in Ronald Reagan worshipers— are quick to credit the First actor ever, at ‘The Resolute Desk’, with ending the Cold War; but never credit an office boy from Missouri for stoking the flames of the Nuclear Age. And you know, Willie Geist… there was a reason WHY Mr. Delano kept Mr. Truman in the Dark regarding them Manhattan  “Sunshine Units”.

Ron I am your father

Ron I am your father




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