2nd Information Dump — México 2020

if_you_look_the_way_he_points_you_losePreviously on, Dear, John Mill Ackerman

I’m telling you, Teller.

https ://www .jornada .com.mx /sin-fronteras /2020/11/29 /agentes-federales-en-mexico-identifican-a-migrantes-por-su-color-de-piel-y-su-olor– 8969 .html


Píntame angelitos negros.

Warning, if you are easily disgusted, offended, or disappointed, i ask that you PLEASE REMEMBER that i am a messenger, not a cheerleader for the content in the message. In Spanish from the Columbia University, in Paris, this means don’t shoot the delivery person.

Why is Denmark a trending topic?
— Anyone? Mueller, Mueller?

Dear, professor, please be advised that because mis primeras nupcias were registered in Denmark, your statement (as read by the President of Mexico during his 2nd Government Report, or state of the union address equivalent) qualifies me (vía lo que se reconoce en La Organización Mundial de La Salud como un PROCESO VIVENCIAL de APRENDIZAJE) to make note of the following:

Just like Sweden rebuked Donald Trump for his racist remarks about “Green Card” seekers, as a registered groom (Denmark 1993) i too rebuke Mexico’s president’s comparison to Denmark, and here is why:

“If you look the way he points, you lose.”

Coming up after the Saint-Eustache Soup de Nuit, it’s time to direct my attention to Vice-president elect, Kamala Harris.

But because she became a

Context after the Soup At Night… and isn’t the content of that cutline, as Canadians say: ironic.

Senator Harris… i married that little girl.


https ://old .reddit .com /r /whitepeoplegifs /comments /cxi6md /if_you_look_the_way_he_points_you_lose/

https ://www .paho .org /hq /index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=10903:2015-proceso-vivencial-aprendizaje &Itemid=42210&lang=es

https ://news .yahoo .com /trump-comments-put-focus-swedens-embrace-immigrants -204602185 .html

https ://www .psypost .org /2020/11 /new-study-sheds-light-on-why-women-tend-to-have-greater-animosity-towards-political-opponents -58680

https ://www .wonkette .com /ashley-grames-nurse-oregon-covid

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