1 de diciembre 2020 — Noisy channel coding

Why Rachel Maddow hates reddit, is beyond our most “fantastical” signal… ISSY, there is a theorem for IT!

https ://old .reddit .com /r /todayilearned /comments /k1e8h7 /til _that _marconi _believed _late _on _in _life _that _no  sound ever dies completely. He dreamt of building a device strong enough to pick up the actual words of Jesus at the ‘Sermon on the Mount’.

Sadly for Mr. Macroni, and as Mr. Tesla told him, the man you know as Jesus, was actually a Flavian emperor… Eye Hoid’IT on a Mexican Radio when Eye was turning Japanese.

For the actual record, we are still awaiting the Official Registered Mail informing us of the court’s decision, but because we actually went through a similar Rodeo in 2015, we have a feeling that the official correspondence will arrive like one week before we would be able to explore our options, —if any. Around The World, radio stations call it “The French Touch”.

Hey, we could not prove a conflict of interest, but on the bright side… WHO has ever proved The French in the wrong, eh? —CANADA! That’s WHO.


https ://www .americanscientist .org/article/viva-voce#:~:text=The%20story%20goes%20that%2C%20late,believed%2C%20with%20the%20right%20device.

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