Ahora en Español para el Tim Kaine (D-postal code VA)

¡Quiúbole — quihúbole, Senador!… please stand-by for station identification.

International AIDs They

International AIDs They follows… not that it matters on the Mediapart section of the block. And yes, you are welcome, my Froggies 🐸, period —Full Stop

Attention syndics, bosses and mayordomos:

In accordance with FCC Regulators, all those whose signal propagate East of The Mississippi shall be referred to as ‘batos’, those to the West of that there grand natural Canal shall go by ‘vatos’.

[Public Service Announcement]
Slot: every hour on the hour after the COVID-report.
Subject/Topic: Contracting Skilled Labor, what are the regulations for remuneration.

A Powerpoint slide with the following Internet snatch definition:

A skilled worker is any worker who has special skill, training, knowledge, and ability in their work.

[MATCH Cut to]

Go on take the money and run

🎶🎶🎶 Go on take the money and run 🤠

El Paso County ‘pintos’ body-bagging COVID victims from the cannery at Doña Ana, New Mexico.

After the break, Pedro Miguel lays it out for all to read…

[Cut to]

A registered nurse filling out a contract to work at a higher income sector hospital, NARRATOR asks how much of the $10,000 offered by medical centers goes to the nurses’ direct deposit, and how much goes to the contracting company, and while you think about that, how much is the actual hourly wage paid to the prison syndicate for that ‘pinto’ bagging ‘chucos and chucas’ in El Paso, Texas?

No pun intended, and we are not raining on the newly elected Vice-president’s parade but if you are wondering WHY IT IS that Joe Biden is more popular with Republicans than with Democrats look no further than the temporary workforce of America… jornaleros, by María Hinojosas standards, maybe.


People WHO know, know that “la pinta” in Chuco lore is code for checking into life behind bars.

And people on the know, know that a skilled registered nurse would probably not get the gig (at them hospitals in need) without the “screen-blessing” from a hiring agency, with a mailing address in Chelleswait that’s knot Write! I meant to right The Scheyelles (Indian Ocean) not Chelles just East of “el cinito mexicano” in the Seine-et-Marne department in the Île-de-France.


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