You should see the back of their Milk Cartons…

Why are you up so early, Carol Anne?

And Carol Anne tweets:

Adventures in hypokoristikós

Adventures in hypokoristikós: Esperanza = Pera.

“I’m searching for Pera, Buddy.”

Good morning, Sunshine. En Francia hoy no hubo noticias because BFM’er TV spent all night pounding on the table and wondering if Noël is going to be a go, or a No Go. En América de los Estados Unidos, it was a small launch for Humanity but a great landing for the LIBERACIÓN de las rutas fleteras a la Estación Espacial Internacional HOTEL & Casino.

In On this episode, the American Version of “Ironman” cannot attend his most valued achievement, find out what, IT!, is after a message from our sponsors: the internet.

Solitaire setup provided by Las fuentes de doña Vilma y CDG Airports

Still to come:
Hells Kitchens, episode 45:

Santa y Fe, la addition a Daniel, S.V.P., and a Sopa de letras A.S.A.P..

Mientras tanto en Tabasco…

https ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /mexico-floods-homeless-hurricane-eta-b1723627 .html?utm

En Tabasco la villa está hermosa.

En Tabasco no pasa nada… pass the Ketchup.

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